By Roland Atoui -

Our Information Communication Technologies (ICT) are currently advancing faster than regulation can follow them — and it’s been causing problems. When governance becomes outdated owing to the changes in the threat level or evolution of systems, our capability to make our systems secure decreases.

By Tony Anscombe

Better IoT security and data protection are long overdue. Will they go from an afterthought to everyone's priority any time soon? As October draws to a close, so does Cybersecurity Awareness Month, and we can all sit back and congratulate each other on a job well done and forget about the need to think about cybersecurity for another year. If only it was that simple!

By Fire Mon

Cloud network security is comprised by the policies, controls, products, and procedures that protect a cloud infrastructure, its data, and its systems. Think of network security as protecting physical assets and cloud network security as protecting services. Network security focuses on the usability and integrity of a network and its data. It is comprised of multiple layers of defenses at the perimeter and its own policies and controls inside the network.

By Gerry Tombs

In today’s modern, digitised world, persuading organisations to move to the cloud is like pushing against an open door. The business case for cloud is clear – flexibility, agility, and cost savings. Likewise, cloud technology makes scaling faster, smarter, and more affordable than on-premise servers. No wonder 90% of companies are in the cloud.