By John Licata

Imagine a world where businesses execute strategies without worrying about securing data. Now imagine a world where fast paced cybersecurity capabilities enable trusted data to become a source for growth. Guess what? Both are possible today.

By Jake Necessary

Many companies tend to jump into the cloud before thinking about security. They may think they’ve thought about security, but when moving to the cloud, the whole concept of security changes. The security model must transform as well.

By Barb Mitchell

As global cellular networks evolve to 5G, they are enabling and expanding a more all-things-connected world. However, with this comes an increase of cyberattacks on essential infrastructure like communications systems or power grids. Advancements in 5G allows for smart cities, automated factories, self-driving cars, remote surgeries, and many more devices to be online.

By Martijn Grooten

A few weeks, ago, technology news site The Verge reported on a new Ring security camera that is in fact a drone that flies around inside your house. Available beginning next year, the ‘Always Home Cam’ is supposed to give its owners a total view of their home without the need for multiple cameras.