by Kumar Ritesh

To view data sovereignty through a narrow lens may stifle progress. It would be prudent to deploy forward-thinking and progressive cyber strategies as we march into a highly digital post-pandemic world. The pre-pandemic years usher a heady era of globalization, open systems, and interconnection. Collaboration between governments and businesses resulted in the globalization of supply chains which opened new markets and new business models.

by Louis Columbus

73% of enterprises (over 500 employees) accelerated their cloud migration plans to support the shift to remote working across their organizations due to the pandemic. 81% of enterprises accelerated their IT modernization processes due to the pandemic. 48% of all companies surveyed have accelerated their cloud migration plans, 49% have sped up their IT modernization plans because of Covid-19.

by Zeljka Zorz

 As the Information Age slowly gives way to the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and the rise of IoT and IIoT, on-demand availability of computer system resources, big data and analytics, and cyber attacks aimed at business environments impact on our everyday lives, there’s an increasing need for knowledgeable cybersecurity professionals and, unfortunately, an increasing cybersecurity workforce skills gap.

By Julien Bonnay

The need for cybersecurity in the financial services industry has never been greater. Financial Institutions (FIs) have been and will continue to be the subject of cyberattacks by adversaries of all varieties. The old adage “why do you rob banks....because that’s where the money is” holds in this domain as well. In 2019, 86 percent of breaches were financially motivated,