By Mark Pesce

Makers of Internet-connected gadgets should have to certify that their products can resist cyberattacks. After unboxing a new gadget, few people stop to consider how things could go horribly wrong when it’s plugged into the wall: A shorted wire could, for example, quickly produce a fire.

By Allan Tan

Business Insider Intelligence forecasts there will be more than 41 billion IoT devices by 2027, up from 8 billion last year. Gartner says the IoT security market is driven by annual average growth of 20%, but spend patterns vary significantly across sectors. While manufacturing, automotive and transportation drive spending, other sectors lag behind.

By Vimal Venkatram

In a global digital economy, real-time data analysis is closely related to business success. Companies that effectively leverage their data are able to position themselves as leaders regardless of the industry. With data-driven insights, businesses maintain a competitive edge, improve company performance and deliver strong user experiences.

By Raju Vegesna

Big tech surveillance has been an issue for some time now, but in the last year it’s increased rapidly to become more of a privacy invasion than ever before. To make matters worse, the current COVID-19 pandemic has made data particularly vulnerable to misuse, as the crisis has distracted some from data security and privacy protocols.