By Joe O’Halloran

Survey finds that internet of things decision-makers regard security as a short-term focus and see 5G as able to ‘transform the industry” in the medium to long term. Research from Internet of Things World in partnership with Omdia, covering both providers and enterprise users,

By Jonathan Leppard

It’s never been more important to understand the internet and cloud computing architectures powering Smart Cities — and how they can create business risks. Smart City initiatives are game changing. New ones are continually cropping up, and most are so seamlessly integrated into our daily lives that they are often imperceptible as ‘smart technology’ at first glance.

By Kristen Gloss

Certain IoT security concerns are hard to forget, such as IoT botnets, but others might not come to mind as easily, such as DNS threats and physical device attacks. With IoT's large attack surface and inherent lack of security, hackers have more opportunities to enter an organization's networks.

By Radware

C-suite executives should not expect the pace of decision-making to slow as the pandemic continues. Network migrations to the cloud, which likely would have taken place over five years, will be compressed into much shorter time spans. In the race to move digital assets to the cloud, most organizations did not have time to ensure basic network security compliance.